Working papers


  • 2014-9-ccr Rewarding Judicial Independence: Evidence from the Italian Constitutional Court by Nadia Fiorino, Nicolas Gavoille & Fabio Padovano
  • 2014-8-ccr Whose values? The Rise, Fragmentation and Marginalization of Collective Choice in Postwar Economics, 1940-1981 by Béatrice Cherrier & Jean-Baptiste Fleury
  • 2014-7-ccr Aspiration Models of Committee Decision Making by Bernard Grofman
  • 2014-6-ccr Public Choice, Social Choice, and Political Economy by Dennis Mueller
  • 2014-5-ccr Alliance Strategies in Party-List Proportional Representation Systems with Thresholds and Bonus: Bargaining Versus Game in 2010 French Regional Elections by Michel Le Breton
  • 2014-4-ccr Power indices in French Intercommunalités by Vincent Merlin & Matthieu Leprince
  • 2014-3-ccr Enfrancisement and representation in Italy: 1909-1913 by Valentino Larcinese
  • 2014-2-ccr Public or Social? Choice and the Role of the State at the Crossroads of the Two Intellectual Traditions by Sebastiano Bavetta
  • 2014-1-ccr What do you know about your mayor? Voters’ information and jurisdiction size by Nicolas Gavoille, Jean-Michel Josselin & Fabio Padovano




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